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Brie Neumann


Brie Neumann is a legal associate based in New York City whose love of music has always been an integral part of her life.

Brie Neumann is a legal associate based in New York City whose love of music has always been an integral part of her life. She started taking voice lessons when she was in second grade after her parents noticed that she had a strong talent and love for singing. From then on, Brie was drawn to many of her school’s theater productions and fondly remembers the time she was cast as the lead in her school’s fourth grade musical production of The Wizard of Oz. Brie learned how to play the piano in middle school, which is when she also started expanding her singing lessons. 

Throughout her time at high school, Brie stayed active in musicals and singing groups. Her desire to perform never wavered. At the age of 16, Brie performed at a celebrity charity gala at the Beverly Hills Hilton. Even after graduation, while attending Lehigh University, Brie enthusiastically performed in a women’s acapella group. She was able to maintain this passion project on the side, in addition to earning a double major in Psychology and Global Studies.

It was during these years of higher education that Brie also developed her love of travel. Aside from making new friends, one of her favorite things about exploring the world is seeing different cultures and hearing their music. Next to food and clothing style, a region’s music is what interests her the most about meeting new groups of people. She strongly believes that music is the universal language, and she learns something new with every journey she takes. 

Brie pursued a postgraduate law degree at Georgetown University Law Center and clerked for a Superior Court Judge. She passed the New York State bar exam and spent time in both the New York and London offices of a top New York law firm, working on their corporate  team. One of Brie Neumann’s other passions is building up fellow women in leadership positions, which is why she jumped at the chance to transition her career and work on a team of five female lawyers in 2019.

To this day, music is still an integral part of Brie’s life. Even though she now works full-time in her beloved New York City, she still takes time to integrate music into her free time and social life. On a weekend, or the occasional late weeknight, you can find Brie watching her friends perform in a professional a cappella group or jetting around the Northeast with her sister to catch the latest Marianas Trench tour.

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