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Podcasting is steadily growing in popularity for a wide array of broad and niche topics with music being a growing subject. The great thing about high-quality music podcasts by hosts with vast musical knowledge is their ability to go beyond the typically limited depth of music-oriented talk shows in mainstream media. The following podcasts are among hundreds of fascinating online music shows that feature artist interviews and musical info that can’t be found elsewhere.

  1. Switched On Pop

Musicologist Nate Sloan co-hosts this podcast with songwriter Charlie Harding as they discuss the elements that make pop songs catchy. It deeply explores the mechanics and secrets embedded infamous recordings throughout the 20th century. Listen to the podcast on Apple Music or Spotify.

  1. Cocaine & Rhinestones

Tyler Mahan Coe, son of outlaw country legend David Allen Coe, hosts this show that is full of historical information about widely loved country stars such as Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, and Patsy Cline, as well as lesser-known names in the genre. The show draws from the Country Music Hall of Fame, combining artist and song history with American social issues of the corresponding eras. It can also be heard on Apple Music and Spotify.

  1. Song Exploder

This show is unique from many other music industry podcasts because it emphasizes stories behind major hit songs. It’s hosted by composer/musician Thao Nguyen, who explores the creative processes used by both major and independent artists. Listen here on Apple Music and Spotify!

  1. Questlove Supreme

Show host Questlove shares his knowledge of music and is regularly joined by well known musical guests. He’s the drummer for hip hop band The Roots from Philadelphia. Some of his guests have included Michelle Obama, Chaka Khan, and Herb Alpert.

  1. New York Times Popcast

As one of America’s leading news publications, the New York Times commands a huge audience beyond its home region. Its music podcast is hosted by Jon Caramanica and covers many genres. He’s joined by a roundtable of critics who discuss artists and issues in the music world. Each episode features an expert guest to discuss a central topic, which ranges from musical news events to genres and eras. This podcast can be heard on Apple Music or Spotify.