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Music has always been a huge influence across all human cultures, so it’s no doubt that there’d be festivals to celebrate all things musical. Summer is the month for music festivals, and all around the world, people gather to hear their favorite artists perform. This isn’t the same as a concert, though. Festivals last for far longer, even up to weeks, with hundreds of thousands of people attending.

Is this your first time visiting a music festival, or are you a seasoned attendee? First-timers may find it overwhelming when they step into the field filled with so many people and vendors, but with that comes opportunities to meet new people and try new things. Then, of course, there’s always all the great music performances which are why everyone’s there in the first place.

If you’ve never been to a music festival before if you have and want to try something grander, then why don’t you try going to one of the biggest music festivals ever? Maybe you already have. If so, then there are plenty more festivals to attend for that bucket list, including the most famous music festival of all, Woodstock.

Woodstock became popular in the 1960s when around 32 acts got up on stage and performed for a mass of over 500,000 people. No one realized just how groundbreaking this festival was. They even ran out of tickets and had to make it a free concert due to the sheer excitement. There were multiple revivals, but none could compare to the original 1969 Woodstock music festival.

Music festivals aren’t just good for the festival attendee. Many musical performers got their big break at a music festival, including Santana, who played at Woodstock. They played their song “Soul Sacrifice” which helped sell their first-ever album. Music festivals are a great way for new artists to get known, so if you’re a budding artist, be sure to book a gig at a music festival.

Today, many festivals may never reach up to the historical significance of Woodstock, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be any less enjoyable. So be sure to check out your local listings to see if there’s a music festival near you so you, too, can experience a fun and eventful time listening to your favorite artist.