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So you’ve been vaccinated and you’re ready to grab your instrument and get back out there to play some solo gigs. It’s been months since your last outing. You’re so excited to play the new setlist you’ve been formulating, and the local cafe offered you the prime slot this evening. But, if you show up without the right equipment, you may very well be drowned out by the hubbub of the crowd, or fumble turning the pages on your iPad. Luckily, there are plenty of products on the market that exist just for soloists like you to ensure your performances are snag-free.

A public address system, often referred to as a PA system, is comprised of microphones, amps, speakers, and other equipment that are vital for most performers. Many patios or pubs aren’t already wired up with one of these, so you’ll want to bring your own. The Roland AC-60 Acoustic Chorus 2-Channel 60-Watt 2×6.5 Acoustic Amp is an excellent PA system you can add to your gear list. It comes relatively cheap if you buy one preowned from websites like Reverb. You might then want to consider purchasing a utility cart to easily transport it, especially if you tend to fly solo. This takes a lot of the heavy lifting out of doing a great show. A DI (Direct In) box is also highly recommended with using a PA system to manage your input levels.

A looper pedal is a wonder of modern technology that allows a performer to loop something they play so that they can add dimensions to their solo act. It’s an excellent piece to add to your gear list and lightweight enough to be easily portable. Sweetwater has a huge selection of loopers from very affordable to top of the line. Both the DI box and the looper pedal can fit on your PA system, or in a backpack for easy travel.

You love your local pub, but their gear consists of an aux cord and a music stand. Make your next night out performing for your city a perfect one. Equip yourself with the right tools and you are guaranteed to stand out and have an amazing performance without any bumps or snags.