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Math, science, and geography have historically been the subjects considered the most decisive when it comes to a child’s education. However, there is more evidence than ever showing that music education can be just as important. 

Scientific and medical studies on the brain have proven that music has profound effects on the brain that can relieve pain, reduce stress, and improve memory. Music has even been found to improve the conditions of patients with brain injuries and dementia. When these facts are considered, it can be concluded that the benefits of music education on the young haven’t yet been fully realized.

Learning Pattern Recognition

Learning to play musical instruments can instruct children in the value of repetitive patterns. Pattern recognition is one of the abilities, people especially those gifted in math, tend to have naturally. This ability can also be developed, and music is the most creative and fun way to do it without the intimidation that often comes with learning new mathematical skills.

Increasing Creativity

To perform some of the most desirable jobs in the economy of the 21st century, creativity is a must. These new, in-demand careers will be mostly technology-based, with engineering and website/app development at the top of the list. Architects, product designers, and mechanical or civil engineers will be in demand as well, and these kinds of jobs will likely grow faster than others in the coming years. 

It takes a creative spark and the ability to think critically to do well in these careers. Studying music in any way builds imagination and intellectual curiosity. Once these intellectual flames have been ignited, it’s hard to put them out. This usually means success in and throughout adulthood for those who study music when they are still young.

Overcoming Fear and Anxiety

Playing musical instruments and/or singing in front of a large crowd can raise confidence levels in children; another trait that can last well into their adulthood. The fear of being in front of crowds is diminished over time and confidence levels increase. This could be because of the relaxing effects of music that those who study it know so well.