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Live music has not been on the cards, and the release of new albums was delayed or shelved in 2020. Musicians are starting to release their tour schedules giving hope to new music. Below is a list of upcoming albums to look forward to, according to Vogue picks.

Soberish by Liz Phair

Soberish seems profound and provocative. She describes the album as a tribute to a band that motivated her to start making music when she was a student at art school. Sobersish has a 90s inflected sound and reflects Phair’s life through addiction and motherhood.

Path of Wellness by Sleater-Kinney

Self-produced Path of Wellness is the first album by Sleater-Kinney after the departure of longer serving drummer Janet Weiss from the band. The album celebrates the band’s enduring influence, candid lyrics, and punk-inflected energy.

Blue Banisters by Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey is releasing this album a few months after another release in March 2021. Rey did a surprise release of three songs in Blue Banisters that continue a moody, atmospheric dive into American womanhood. The sharp lyrics and romantic production will be a great sound for warm afternoons.

Happier Than Ever by Billie Eilish

Happier Than Ever signals an artistic evolution and growing maturity of the 19-year-old Eilish, the Grammy’s record of the year two-time winner. The album is lyrically incisive, showing Eilish is moving to a more personal ground.

Take Sadness of Saturday Night by Bleachers

Jack Antonoff steps from production to continue with a solo project in this album. It is a mix celebrating the 80 pop with collaborations including some of the biggest stars in music like Bruce Springsteen.

Montero Lil Nas X

Montero, meaning Call Me By Your Name raises the stakes in style and sound for Lil Nas X. The 22-year-old rapper projects his vocal talents and spices a breathtaking video with one of the upcoming albums to look forward to.

Factory Baby by Noname

The first announcement for the release of Factory Baby was in 2019, but it is increasingly likely that it will happen in summer 2021. Noname, who is popular due to activism work, has begun the journey by releasing “Rainforest,” the lead single in the album. The song’s excellent balance of politically insightful lyrics and hypnotic percussion create excitement to wait for the whole album.

Chromatica remix album by Lady Gaga

After a busy year of filming in Italy, lady Gaga seems to have found time for revisiting the dance-pop of 2020 comeback record Chromatica by dropping a remix album in summer. It will be exciting with talk of appearances by the likes of Bree Runway and Charli XCX.

Certified Lover Boy by Drake

Drake finally will release his sixth album in summer 2021 after multiple delays. All the fans have got from Certified Lover Boy are teaser singles from the project, but Drake seems ready to release post-pandemic romance anthems this time.

Fourth Album by Adele

Adele has been resolving divorce issues, which might be why she pushed back the release of her fourth album from 2020. The album seems ready, and it is likely she will unleash it unexpectedly in the next few months and announce tours.